East German Cinema Book Now on Sale!

Movies Behind the Wall
It’s finally here! Movies from Behind the Wall, my book on East German cinema is now available on Amazon either as a Kindle book or a 600-page print-on-demand book. Eventually, I’ll be making it available in other formats on other platforms as well. Full disclosure: much of the material in the book is available for free here on the East German Cinema Blog. The book, however, contains much more information on the history of East Germany and how the events that shaped the GDR affected DEFA, determining which films were made and which ones were shelved. Also, I’ve allowed myself to be more opinionated in the book than I am in the articles on the blog. If you’re a fan of the blog, you’ll probably experience some deja vu reading the book, but I think you’ll find enough new material to keep things interesting. It also covers several movies that I have yet to review on the blog (as of this writing). As far as I know, Movies from Behind the Wall is the most comprehensive book on East German movies that is currently available in English.1 I hope you’ll buy a copy. If cost is an issue, the Kindle version is a lot less expensive (my royalties are about the same for both—printing is expensive). To purchase the book, click on the button below.


1. Although, in German, no book can hold a candle to F. B. Habel’s Das Grosse Lexikon der DEFA-Spielfilme, which consists of two 1,100+ page volumes.

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3 thoughts on “East German Cinema Book Now on Sale!

    1. Sorry to hear that. I hate when that happens! I doesn’t help me either, since it usually results in getting a one star rating for the book. I’ve heard from several people whose copies were fine, so I have to assume this was a printing error on Amazon’s part. The fact that it was eight pages suggests it was a misprinted signature (or unprinted in this case). Amazon will replace it for you. I’ told they are very good about this, although I heard one story of someone getting another misprinted copy as a replacement.

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